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With a great number of smartphone users, Android phones are in great demand these days. Just same as Android spy apps are increasing in popularity at a very high pace. If you search the online market for Android spyware, you might get confused because there are so many options to choose from.

Are There Free Spy Apps for Android?

Although some cheapest or free spy apps for Android are designed for kid’s monitoring and others help employers to track employee performance. There are some advanced Android spying solutions available in the online market that allow you to track, monitor, manage, and spy on any Android device you want.

To help you find the best spy app for Android, we have covered the top ten Android monitoring solutions in this article so that you don’t have to waste your time reviewing every other spyware.

Let’s get started.

10 Top Android Spy Apps in 2021: (Free and Paid) [Updated]
The online world is full of invisible and best spy apps for Android phones with diverse functionality and features. For people searching for the ultimate solution to spy on the mobile devices of their loved ones, there are a lot of options available online.

Here, we are going to reveal the top ten Android spyware that every parent and employer can use to monitor their kids and staff members.

So, let’s get straight to the Android monitoring solutions;

1- SPY24 Android Spy App

2- XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App

3- FamiSafe Android Monitoring App

4- FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware

5- MobiStealth Phone Monitor

6- mSpy Mobile Monitoring App

7- CocoSpy Android Spyware

8- SpyEra Mobile Spy App

9- AppMia Mobile Monitoring App

10- Highster Phone Spyware

SPY24 Android Spy App:

SPY24 is an undetectable hidden Android spy app offering the most latest and diverse cell phone spying features. The affordability and flexibility of SPY24 app make it one of the best spying apps for Android devices. This cheapest spying software allows you to listen to the call recordings, monitor contacts and call logs, read SMS and IMs text messages, listen to surround recordings, track GPS location, WhatsApp Spy, etc. You can not only enjoy complete monitoring but also control your target device with SPY24 Android spyware. This app offers a user-centric dashboard that enables the end-user to operate and run the features without having technical knowledge. SPY24 Android app is easy to install and works on complete stealth mode.

SPY24 Core Features:
Read SMS and Voice Messages
Track Call History
Location History
Voice Memos
Spy WhatsApp
Remotely Control the Target Device
Track GPS Location
Monitor Installed Social Apps
Listen to the Surroundings with spy microphone
SPY24 Prices:
Free Trial: $0/month (Limited offer ended)

Promotional Discount: Flat 30% Off (Coupon Code: Social-2021)

Basic Version: $19.99/month

Premium Version: $29.99/month

Platinum Version: $49.99/month

Pros & Cons of SPY24 App
SPY24 offers advanced Android monitoring features, including camera spy, surround recording, keylogging, WhatsApp Spying etc.
The end-user can get SPY24 app at the minimum rate of $19.99. It offers flexible and affordable pricing plans compacted with high-end features.
SPY24’s installation is a cakewalk. Anyone can install and operate the TWS app like a pro.
You don’t need to be a tech expert to spy with SPY24 best-hidden spy app for Android. The app itself, along with all features, is very handy.
The technical support of the SPY24 software is available round-the-clock to solve product-based queries. SPY24 customer support team answers clients with instant app-related solutions.
SPY24 does not demand rooting the device.
Currently, SPY24 is only offering Android monitoring solutions. iOS monitoring is not available by the TWS app.
SPY24 does not offer multiple device monitoring. For each target device, you need to buy an individual license.

XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App:

XNSPY cell phone spy app
XnSpy Android monitor provides ultimate kids and employee monitoring features for a range of Android cell phones and tablets. You can remotely track and monitor your target Android devices with XnSpy. When it comes to affordability, we must say that this app is offering quite luxury features within reasonable pricing and ranked on second position in the list of best spy apps for android phones.

XNSpy Core Features
Call Recording
SMS and IMs Spying
Call Logs Monitoring
GPS Tracker
Social Media Spying
App Blocking
XNSpy Price:
Basic Edition: $29.99/month

Hidden Free Android Spy Apps
Hidden Free Android Spy Apps

Premium Edition: $35.99/month

Pros & Cons of XnSpy App:
XnSpy is a very popular brand for providing Android and iOS tracking solutions.
The app offers basic and advanced mobile monitoring solutions for parental and corporate use.
XnSpy app prices are somewhat affordable in contrast to other top spy apps.
It is a user-friendly app and requires only five-minutes to get configured.
XnSpy support team is very active. You can contact the XnSpy customer support team whenever you need.
XnSpy app requires rooting/jailbreaking of the desired Android or iOS device for proper functioning.
It does not offer features like a camera spy.
You can’t install the XnSpy app remotely. You need to install XnSpy on the device manually.
FamiSafe Android Monitoring App:
Famisafe prices review on SPY24 android spy apps
If you are looking for an undetectable app to monitor your family, then FamiSafe is going to be the best option for you. With this invisible spyware app, you can enjoy the latest parental control features to track your kid’s activities. FamiSafe allows parents to track their kid’s whereabouts and create a secure cyber environment for their children.

FamiSafe Core Features
Web Filter
Screen Time
App Blocker
Smart Schedule
Activity Report
Browser History
Explicit Content Detection
YouTube Content Detection
FamiSafe Price:
Monthly Version: $9.99/month

Annual Version: $4.99 /month Billed annually at $59.99

Quarterly Version: $6.66/month Billed quarterly at $19.99

Pros & Cons of FamiSafe App:
The FamiSafe app is an excellent parental control app for both Android and iOS devices.
You can monitor multiple devices with one license—no need to purchase separate licenses in case of monitoring more than one device.
It is a pretty affordable parental control app in contrast to other parental monitoring apps.
It offers a user-centric app interface making it easier to operate.
The FamiSafe app is a secure and reliable parental control solution.
The FamiSafe features list is very limited. It does not have advanced mobile monitoring features.
Live chat support is not available. You need to send an email query to the support team.
FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware:
FlexiSpy prices review on SPY24 android spy apps
FlexiSpy, certainly, is a robust spyware claim to offer the best Desktop, iOS and Android monitoring. This app offers advanced cell phone monitoring features like keylogger and camera recording etc. Though FlexiSpy offers great spying features its price makes this spyware too expensive.

flexispy Core Features
Phone Call recording / interception (Rooted)
Environment recording
Hangout Call Recording
LINE Call Recording
Skype Call Recording
Viber Call Recording
WhatsApp Call Recording
FlexiSpy Price:
Lite Version: $29.95/month

Premium Version: $68/month

Extreme Version: $199/3-months

Pros & Cons of FlexiSpy App
FlexiSpy app has the most advanced cell phone, tablet, and desktop monitoring features.
You can buy smart spy gadgets like a hidden camera, mic, GPS tracker, etc., from FlexiSpy SpyShop.
The FlexiSpy app supports Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.
It offers 24/7 available chat support to serve its customers.
FlexiSpy app’s basic features do not demand rooting or jailbreaking.
Users can create a free FlexiSpy demo account to try out the FlexiSpy app’s functionality.
Advanced features of the FlexiSpy app can only be availed if the target device is rooted or jailbroken.
It does not offer web blocking or site filtering features.
MobiStealth Phone Monitor:
Mobistealth prices review on SPY24 android spy apps
MobiStealth spyware provides the ultimate PC, Mac, iOS, and Android monitoring solutions. The app runs on a complete stealth mode and allows the end-user to secretly track all the activities happening on the target device. As it offers a desktop tracking feature, many businesses prefer MobiStealth software for employee monitoring.

MobiStealth Core Features
Call Recording
Listen To Phone Surroundings
Gmail Logging
SMS Logging
Facebook Messenger Chat Logging
Snapchat Logging
WhatsApp Chat Logging
Skype Chat Logging (Rooted)
Viber Chat Logging Picture Logging
MobiStealth Price:
Pro Version: $59.99/month

Pro-X Version: $69.99/month

Pros & Cons of MobiStealth App:
The MobiStealth app offers all the necessary mobile monitoring features that a spyware app must acquire.
It offers a 15-days money-back guarantee in case the end-user does not get satisfied with its services.
The MobilStealth app is hidden spyware that no one can detect.
MobiStealth spyware is very easy to configure and run.
It is compatible with phones and tablets running Android and iOS operating system.
MobiStealth spyware is very expensive.
The live chat support is not available to answer customers’ queries. You have to send your product-related queries to their support email provided on the website.
The app does not offer a free demo to test its functionality.
mSpy Mobile Monitoring App:
mSpy prices review on SPY24 undetectable hidden spyware apps
mSpy is an app that works as both spyware and parental control. Most of the features of this app are designed to track and monitor kids activities. Being a parental control app, mSpy offers basic features that help parents to manage and monitor their kid’s devices.

mSpy Core Features
Application Blocking
Installed Applications
Monitor calls
Incoming Calls Restriction
Photos Contacts, Notes
Blocking Websites
Browsing History
Keyword Alerts
mSpy Price:
Basic Version: $29.99/month

Premium Version: $69.99/month

Pros & Cons of mSpy App:
mSpy offers super powerful parental control features for Android and iOS devices.
The mSpy app supports Apple and Android smart devices.
It offers a family kit to monitor more than one smart device.
The mSpy app comes with affordable pricing plans.
Rooting or jailbreaking is optional for advanced tools only.
The mSpy app is very much user-friendly. It offers a very handy control panel that anyone can operate easily.
It offers a very limited range of features.
A live app demo is not available.
The mSpy app does not offer the surround recording feature.
No live app demo is available.
CocoSpy Android Spyware:
CocoSpy prices review on SPY24 spy apps for android device
CocoSpy is yet another amazing undetectable app to spy on Android phones and tablets. Like other invisible spy apps for Android, it enables the end-user to monitor Android phones and tablets remotely and secretly. This app is so lightweight that the target device won’t face any battery draining issues. CocoSpy is easy to install and provides a user-friendly interface for Android spying and tracking.

CocoSpy Core Features (No root)
Text Messages
Calendar Activities
Videos Preview
CocoSpy Price:
Basic Version: $39.99/month

Premium Version: $49.99/month

Family Version: $69.99/month

Pros & Cons of CocoSpy App:
CocoSpy is a user-friendly app with both advanced and basic mobile monitoring features.
It helps to monitor Android plus iOS devices.
You can test the app with a live app demo option available at the CocoSpy website.
Rooting or jailbreaking is optional, not necessary.
Signing up with CocoSpy is pretty easy. The spyware itself is easy to handle as well.
The price of CocoSpy is a bit high.
You can not contact the support team in real-time as there is no live chat support available.
It does not offer advanced cell phone spying features such as call recording, screenshot capturing, keylogging, etc.
SpyEra Mobile Spy App:
SpyEra prices review on SPY24 hidden spy apps for android
SpyEra is an Android monitoring app that allows flexible features to make it suitable for multipurpose e.g. kid’s monitoring, family tracking, and employee surveillance etc. From call recordings to monitor social media to VoIP spying, SpyEra offers all advanced cell phone spying features.

SpyEra Core Features (Android / Tablet / PC)
Call Listening
Call Recording
Surroundings Listening
App Screenshots
Social IMs Tracking
Keylogger included for free!
SpyEra Price:
SMART PHONE (iPhone or Android): $89/month

TABLET (iPhone or Android tablet): $69/month

COMPUTER (Windows or Mac): $49/month

ALL IN ONE (Spy On All Compatible Device): $479/month

Pros & Cons of SpyEra App:
The SpyEra app can monitor smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
It offers extensively advanced features to monitor digital devices.
SpyEra installation procedure is straightforward, and it is very easy to use this hidden spyware app.
The customer support team is very active to help clients with their issues.
It offers a 10-days money-back guarantee in the case you don’t get satisfied with SpyEra functionality.
To use the SpyEra app, you must root or jailbreak the phone/tablet.
You can buy this app with credit cards only.
Spyware live demo is not available.
It is a very expensive spyware app.
AppMia Mobile Monitoring App:
Appmia prices review on SPY24 mobile monitoring apps
Among all the advanced Android phone spyware, AppMia mobile phone spy software shines bright for providing basic mobile monitoring features within a one-time license subscription. AppMia spying application is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, and even some Symbian phones of Nokia.

AppMia Core Features (Android)
SMS and IMs Spying
Call Logs Monitoring
GPS Tracker
Location History
Voice Memos
Social Media Spying
Incoming Call blocking
App Blocking
Appmia Price:
Free Trial: $0

Premium Version: $194.99/year

Pros & Cons of Appmia App:
The Appmia spyware is a very user-friendly app loaded with high-end spying features.
It can monitor Apple and Android devices under stealth mode. It can also hack Symbian devices.
The user interface of Appmia spyware is very simple and easy to operate. The installation process is also very quick.
You can monitor multiple devices with flexible license subscriptions.
It offers a free app trial to help you get a better insights into the app functionality.
Live chat support is not available. However, you can reach the Appmia support team through email.
The prices for paid subscriptions are very high.
Rooting and jailbreaking are necessary for advanced features.
HighsterMobile Phone Spyware:
Highster prices review on SPY24 spy apps for android
HighsterMobile cell phone spyware offers all the incredible features to enable you to spy everything happening in your target device. The most popular features of Highster app is camera recording, photo capturing, and surround recording, etc. Not only you can track the whereabouts of your target device but also can see what is happening around you. HighsterMobile spyware is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems.

Highstermobile Core Features (Android)
Monitor Calls
Incoming Calls Restriction
Spy Text Messages
Messaging Apps
Hangouts, Instagram, Messages,
Facebook Messenger spy
HighsterMobile Price:
Basic Version: $29.99/one-time payment

Pro Version: $69.99/one-time payment

Pros & Cons of Highster Mobile App:
Highster Mobile is packed with quality monitoring features.
It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. You can claim your money if the app does not work properly.
It supports every kind of Android and iOS smart device.
Highster Mobile spyware has a one-time fee only. You only have to subscribe once for this amazing spyware.
It is simple to operate Highster Mobile spyware.
The features list is somehow limited. This app offers no parental control features.
No live customer support is available.
For iOS devices, disabling the 2-factor authentication is a must. Otherwise, it will not be possible to avail of the features of this app.
How to Choose Best Free App to Spy On Android Phones
You must be thinking about how to choose the right platform for Android spying. The key to choose the best cheapest Android spying app is the interaction with the service provider. You have to discover if the app you are going to buy offers reasonable refund policies and quick customer support. Obviously, you don’t want to drown in the gloom of mysterious apps. The above-mentioned apps are leading spying solutions in the year of 2021. We hope that this article helped you choose the best Android spyware to fill your cell phone spying requirements.

Which is the Best Spy App for Android?
SPY24 is the best Android spy app offering high-class features for kids’ monitoring and employee surveillance. It also provides parents with a complete set of parental control tools to manage and restrict kids’ mobile activities.

What is an Undetectable Android Spy App?
An undetectable Android spy app works on hidden mode, running all its operations stealthily. SPY24 is undetectable spyware for Android that fetches digital data from the target device without any suspicion.

Which Spy App is Best Fit for Kids’ Monitoring?
SPY24 is indeed a reliable and hidden Android spy app best suited for kids’ monitoring. It records all mobile activities of your child’s phone and enables you to watch the gathered information secretly.

Can an Android Spy App Track Cell Phone’s Location?
Yes, Android spy apps like SPY24 can track the cell phone location in real-time. Spyware apps uses GPS technology to trace and record the target device’s location.

Why Should I Get an Android Spyware?
Android spy apps are of great use for monitoring smart devices in this digital age. You can use Android spyware to track your kids, monitor employees, or restrict the online space of your loved ones. Spyware apps for Android help you create a restricted yet safe online environment for your kids and employees.

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